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                    thanks,  I did that ASCII thing for you.  sorry I didnt know what it was 
By Dave Matthews Band
Tabbed out by Tim McGivern

Note*-I always add my own variations in.  In this song the chorus bassline is slightly 
different from what I have hear.  I like mine better but you can listen to the song and 
figure it out using the notes I give you. Also,  I play the verse part on the E and A 
strings so I can slide in various places easier.

|.----------------------------------|.     X 2


|---------------------7----------5/\55------|--(beg. Of   
|--5--------7---------------------------8-7-|5---next line)

Verse:  X3

After that play this next one once and then go back into the verse one more time


Verse: x1

This is not how it is on the album but the same notes are used.  If you get it right 
it sounds great


This is done once then it goes back into the verse line for awhile and then it returns 
to the chorus line for about 5 times and then it returns to the verse portion where you 
can basically add your own variations

Thast it and I ope you enjoy it.  Like I said the chorus version is wrong but it sounds great.  The album version uses the same scale.

Any corrections or comments just Email me at NeskibumPF@aol.com                    

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